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Dear all,

I know that it is rather weird that I am posting now 'cos I seem to have "abandoned" my journal for so long.
The truth is that I have  never really left LJ...just lurking in the background for a very long while as I catch up with work and real life.

However, with the tragedy that has happened in Japan and seeing how all my LJ friends are working so hard to help the victims, I feel that I shouldn't just sit back. I want to do something for the people from a country that has given me many beautiful memories and a wonderful fandom. That's the reason for this post.

OK, let's move on to the important stuff:

I managed to buy 3 pieces of these Limited Edition T-shirts from MOS Burger in Singapore. These are limited to 5000 pieces per design to Singapore ONLY.  The original price of the T-shirts is SGD10 each and all proceeds will go to Japan. This means that  I have already made the donation to Japan through my purchase of the T-shirts.

However, I am putting up the T-shirts for sale/auction in hope of raising money for GACKT's SYH Global fund raising efforts.
Every cent from this sale/auction will be donated to GACKT's SYH effort in Singapore.
Payment to be made in USD using the "Gift" option.
I will absorb all the Paypal transfer fees AND include free Surface+Registered Mail for the buyers/winners. (If you prefer airmail, you'll just need to top up a little for postage.)

To make it a better deal for you, I am throwing in a juzu bracelet for each T-Shirt that you purchase. All bracelets are lovingly handmade by me using genuine semi-precious stones.

"JAPAN YOU CAN" T-shirt + Juzu Bracelet (Set A)

Price: USD 35

You'll be getting
  • one T-shirt  -  XS sized (chest: 46cm across)
  • one juzu bracelet
Bracelet is made of 6mm Black Obsidian stones x 15pc, 6mm faceted Rose Quartz x 10pc,
8mm Amethyst  x 4pc

"JAPAN YOU CAN" T-shirt + Juzu Bracelet (Set B)

Price: USD 35

You'll be getting
  • one T-shirt  -  S sized (chest: 50cm across)
  • one juzu bracelet
Bracelet is made of 8mm Black Obsidian stones x 18pc, 8mm Rose Quartz x 3pc,
8mm Clear Quartz  x 3pc

Auction :  "JAPAN YOU CAN" T-shirt + GACKT-replica Black Onxy Juzu Bracelet (Set C)

Starting Bid: USD 50

Auction ends on 2nd April 2011 , 11:59hours Singapore time (GMT: +8)

You'll be getting
  • one T-shirt  -  M sized (chest: 55cm across)
  • one GACKT-replica Black Onxy juzu bracelet
Bracelet is made of 8mm Black Onxy stones x 20pc, 10mm
Black Onxy x 4pc
Note: This version DOES NOT come with bead that has the Sankrit character.

Let's all SHOW OUR HEARTS for the people of Japan
. (^____^)

R.I.P Dolce... (T____T)

You were with us for only a short period of time but you managed to make all our hearts melt.
You were loved by GACKT and many members of the GACKT fandom.
You'll be dearly missed....

May you rest in peace. <3
Go find Belle in heaven. She'll take care of you. *sob*

GACKT Blog (11 October 2010)
OMG! \(^0^)/

It's showing in Singapore!
And at the same time as Japan too! I am such a lucky girl. XD

I'm booking my tickets straight away!

Counting Down...

GACKT has finished the first round of the Nemuri shows, and he thanked a lot of people. m(^____^)m
I wonder how the play would have evolved by the time they begin the second round in September 2010.
Shall I go for the play in December? Hmmmm.... I am still considering....

Now GACKT is into his "YFC - mode"! YAY!!!!    \(^0^)/
24 more days before I see him live in Nagoya. Woo Hoo!
Will he wear a kuroi fundoshi for YFC? XD Nah, shirtless is still better.... (*^__________^*)

But our crazy beloved G needs to return to the studio and pull all-nighters (again) for his new songs.
He'll never learn so , well, no use getting worried anymore. *shrugs*

GACKT Blog: 2010/05/28 23:46

Nagoya YFC, here I come!

Flight tickets to Nagoya on 19th June -- Booked and confirmed. (^_^)

Hotel accommodation in Nagoya -- Booked and confirmed. (^_^)

Tickets to YFC Live on 21st & 22nd June --  21st June confirmed; 22nd June to be confirmed (but heck, I will still go and try my luck anyway!)

This is going to be an exciting June for me! (^________^)

Will probably have a very unhealthy bank balance after this trip but I decided I will indulge myself just this once. A thirtieth B-Day present for myself, maybe? Heehee.... (*^_^*)  

(It might become a yearly affair if he holds a tour every year...shucks! It's scary to even think about it @___@)

「ほんとに すぐ出すよ!」

Title comes from quote at the end of video for the Otoko Matsuri DVD preview...

It's so tongue in cheek....

It's so CUTE!!!!

Had me rolling on the floor with laughter straightaway! (^0^)

OMG! Mr Gacktucky!!! <(^0^)>

Snatched from excused_early (^_<)

Your result for The Brutally Honest Personality Test...


Oh? Is that me? (^^;)Collapse )


I had a good laugh. Maybe there's an element of truth somewhere! Hahahaha!!! (^0^)>

Well, if you are interested in the real description of the ISFP person, here's a link.
And the related career choices for me. (^_^)


7 Quirks MEME

Erm... I was tagged by a certain Val around the neighbourhood. (^___-;)

I just took a shower and decided I felt refreshed enough to do this. XD

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do them.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag, "whoever wants to do it."

Warning: I am NOT very interesting at all.Collapse )

I am not sure if I should tag anyone at all... I think most of my friends would have done this already. (^__-;)

You've been tagged!  --